A simple formula to make a big impact with your holiday decorations

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of getting your house holiday ready?

You don’t have to invest a lot of time or money to make your spaces more magical and enjoyable. Instead, we like to keep things simple but impactful by putting proven staging/decorating principles to practice. Think in terms of strategic placement, reusing/repurposing, committing to a color palette and selecting a few key pieces you love. 

Holiday mantel decoration

The front door and fireplace mantle are two of our favorite places for seasonal decorations. They are focal points in your home and the perfect spots to let your creativity shine!

Follow these 6 simple steps:

1-  Start with what you have. Take out your Holiday decorations and select a few pieces that may work for these spaces. 

2 – Identify your key pieces. To truly end up with a design you will love, you are going to want to work with pieces and colors that bring you the most joy and that complement the style and decor of your house the best. 

3 – Select your color palette. We recommend sticking to a consistent color palette that can be built upon year over year. There are so many  great ones to choose from like the traditional red, white & green, red & silver, red & gold, blue & white, white & silver, mixed metals, or anything that feels festive to you! 

4 – Add some greenery or natural plants. The traditional wreaths, garlands, poinsettias, rosemary trees, etc. are  key to giving your house that festive feeling. We like to use natural when we can, and let them fill our homes with the wonderful scents of the season. 

5 – Add lights and candles for that extra spark.

6 – Don’t forget those extra magical elements. If you are bringing the magic of the Holidays to your children, or the child in you, add those extra magical elements like nutcrackers, elves, reindeers, candy canes, etc…

For the mantle above, we started with a garland and greenery and then added a few anchor pieces like that repurposed and repainted old mirror and red lamps. Then, we worked our way through playing with height and depth to fill in the rest of the space. You will notice we are sticking to red and white as our palette and playing with different elements, heights and textures to give it that very on-trend clean farmhouse look.

Simple and impactful Holiday Entryway Decorations
Simple and impactful Holiday Entryway Decorations

Now for the entryway, the place of first impressions, we first took some time to sweep those fall leaves out to have a clean canvas for our project. After that, we added our plants and greenery: topiary, garlands and poinsettias. And lastly, we switched up just a few key elements to recreate two very different looks: a child friendly one and a classic/elegant one.

The child friendly option is anchored by a tree hanging from the door, and a candy cane and nutcracker standing on opposite ends of the entryway. Our classic/elegant look includes a lush natural wreath, three bright velvet bows, a rug and an oversized lantern to finish it up.


Collaboration between Jennifer Alonso &  Delia Villalonga,

certified HSR stagers

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